event_image_pilote_topographical_slider_pibAPRIL 1 – APRIL 13, 2017

After a first group show in fall 2016 pilote has presented four of their artists in a more intimate setting in Berlin-Mitte.

The group exhibition  p i l o t e : t o p ‘ o – g r a p h ‘ i – c a l  reflects on the artists’ working processes which form the basis for a discussion about spatiality and space: inside, outside, abstract and objective. All represented artists strictly focus on the exploration of diversities between the subjective, aesthetical cognition of places, areas, spaces and landscapes. But everyone with a signature twist! They create depth through different inter media approaches. The observer is being served with new impact levels and is getting introduced to new perspectives. Further more the range between space development and space dissolution will be proven.

Photography is the origin of each artwork shown. Different media effects are used as an obvious expansion of the medium. This path constitutes procedural similarities in the works of VALENTINA TORRADO (URY), KATHRIN GANSER (GER), DANIELA ZEILINGER (AUT) and SARAH STRASSMANN (GER). Both sectional and multi dimensional, the artists depict spaces that are originally formed by nature or man-made or create completely new ones.

The central theme dissolution of space renders a possible new perception outside of a usual view and reveal the (pretended) real behind an object. The object depicted is displayed concretely, idealized or abstracted. A unique media diversity of all works shown and their particular image aesthetics reflect a contemporary contemplation and identification with the artists’ environments.

Kathrin Ganser | Sarah Straßmann | Valentina Torrado | Daniela Zeilinger

OPENING: March 31st, 2017, 7 -10 pm

ARTIST TALK: April 2nd, 2017, 3 pm

The artists in conversation with Dr. Susanne Holschbach (Art and Media Scientist, Berlin)

FINISSAGE: April 13rd, 2017, 7 pm

Hosted by coGalleries.







OCT 21 – OCT 23, 2016

pilote : pilote is pilote´s first pop-up exhibition and its introduction into the Berlin art scene. Around eighty works will occupy a 1.000 m² space, located in a building complex of the SEZ in Berlin-Friedrichshain reviving it as an art space. The works shown depict a unique and impressive diversity of contemporary art forms, some of which include Fine Art Photography, Post Media Art, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Film and Video installation.

At first glance, the strong appearing heterogenity of the shown positions opens not only interesting discourses about the arts, but also finds its harmony within the exhibition’s interpretational concept. The media spectrum of the art works shown and the artist’s incongruent approaches of contents visualize the current occupation with the contexts about reality and truth, nature and science. They display latest perceptions and tendencies within contemporary art and let the audience feel them.

Betty Böhm | Selket Chlupka | Cécile Dupaquier | Kathrin Ganser | Theresa Schubert |
Sarah Straßmann | Attilio Tono | Valentina Torrado | Daniela Zeilinger

With kindly support of Rainer Löhnitz Stiftung and Berlin